Frequently Asked Questions

We do not charge management fees, acquisition fees, disposition fees, financing fees, or consulting/retainer fees to our clients. Our only fee is a profit share or sometimes in the industry it is called a “performance fee.” This profit share is typically 10% of profits made on any one investment. If you invest $100,000 and earn a profit of $50,000 the only fee you would incur is a $5,000 performance fee or profit share with us. You would keep the remaining $145,000. You will experience no fees from us when you invest or year-to-year until profits or cash flow come from a deal. If our investment is in an investment partnership, fund, sponsor, or operating business they may have their own layer of fees which we attempt to negotiate down for our members.

Most investor clubs focus on startups, angel investments, venture capital, new ideas that may be exciting but also have a lot of risk that come with them.  That is not what we do.  We don’t focus on startups, chasing Silicon Valley unicorns or the next hot thing such as crypto or cannabis.  Our investments are in U.S. based cash flowing real estate assets, profitable operating businesses, and direct investments that have moderate upside and protected downside in one or more ways.
The minimum investment size depends on the investment opportunity and ranges from $25,000-$150,000 per investment.

Our investments have various lock-up periods ranging from 1 year to 10 years.  Each investment discloses the anticipated lock-up period within the investment portal which you can gain access to once you join as an investor member.

If you have questions about joining we would encourage you to schedule a call with our team.  Please use the form below to schedule a call or email us at for further help.

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